How To Optimize Google My Business Listing

google my business optimization

In this article i will give you all information about Google My Business and why is It very important for small business owners.

Lots of people

ask me how we optimize our Google map business listing for leverage our more sale.

So I will cover all those question in one article.

Let’s start.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a Google Free tool for small business owners.

By using this Google Free tool every business owners are grow their business online with Google.

Google this free tool called as Google My Business, but before 2004 algorithms update this tool called as Google Map Business.

If you are small business owner, you should submit your business on Google Map Business because of this tool helps you to increase your sale and income of your small business and also this tool helps you to represent your brand online as a good way.

According to Google survey 70% peoples are happy with Google my Business, and 7 out of 10 people are search on Google when they need any service or product on their local location.

And 5 out of 10 people are visit that day, they found that shop on Google.

According to Review tracker survey 54% of small businesses owners are not submit their business on Google yet.

You don’t make this type of mistake.

You all also part of that 54% peoples, don’t worry click here and claim your Google My Business Listing and stand out yourself from that 54% people.

According to me every business owners just claim their business after then they forget about it.

Google My Business Optimization is very important part of all small online business success, that’s why you don’t skip optimization step.

You don’t know how to optimize your Google My Business Account for More ranking and sale.

Don’t worry, I will give you best strategy for optimization your Google business listing to increase your income double and triple time.

Optimize Google My Business Listing For Better Ranking

Before we start business listing optimization, you must verify your Google My Business account by using any verification method.

When your account verification process successfully complete after then you can share your Google My Business post and your customer gives you feedback and rating on your business.

When you go for optimization, that time this thing keep in your mind.

  • Always submit your accurate information about your business.
  • Submit all information, that Google need in Google My Business listing.
  • When you submit images in listing that time you need to attach high quality images.
  • Time to time update your business.

Now we are going for Google My Business optimization.

Google My Business Optimization

Account optimization that means you have to setup your business listing according to Google guidelines.

Add your business keyword in Title

Title tag is very important part of Google My Business optimization.

Set up your Business Address and Service Location

Your Business listing is depend on your business location because of Google always show your result on searcher location that’s why you should set up your business location.

Set up your business opening and Closing Time

Google want to show accurate result to their user that’ why you should provide accurate result to Google for high ranking.

Add or submit your website in Google My Business

Website on page signal boosts your Google my business ranking very well, if you have no website then don’t worry because Google offer you free website builder function.

Write in Depth Description with your location

Title tag and meta description is very important ranking factor of Google Map Business, when you add your keyword in description as well as in Title then you will increase your 30% of chance for high ranking.

Add opening date of your Business

This not a big deal to add your business open date in Google My Business but this information boost your little bit ranking.

Share Business related Photos in Listing

Images are trending marketing strategy in the market. And according to Moz ranking factor images are trending ranking factor of Google My Business so you should take advantage of this amazing strategy.


In this article you will get in-depth details about Google My Business Optimization.

No matter you are newbie or you having lots of knowledge about Google My Business Optimization, this article gives you lots of knowledge because in this article we added one different strategy.

That strategy stand out your business different front of your competitors.

I hope you like this article. Thank you so much for reading this article, keep sharing with your all friends.

You never see Google My Business and Google snippets together in Google Search Result Page.