Google My Business Ranking Factor

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In last article we talked about How to optimize Google My Business Account.

I covered all trending strategy that work in 2019 and beyond.

But only Listing optimization can’t increase your ranking in map.

For Good ranking you should know Google My Business ranking factors.

In this article I will give you all ranking factor strategy that boosts your ranking high in Google Maps.

Before you read this article I hope you read my previous article because I covered lots of advance strategy for optimization your Google Map Listing.

When you completely optimize your listing after then you can increase your chance for Ranking otherwise you can’t.

I hope you properly optimize your business listing now you have to do some changes based on Google Guidelines.

Google give very complicated guidelines, if you are not familiar with Google My business then defiantly you can’t understand ranking factor guidelines that’s why here I am publish this guidelines in simple term with additional information.

Let’s start

Share Daily Post in Google My Business

According to Moz 2018 ranking factor survey, your business images are increase you’re ranking up to 13% in Google.

And also Google officially announce your business Images is playing very important part in Your ranking.

If your business listing is new/fresh then you should publish daily post or at list 4 posts In the Weeks.

When you will publish daily Google post, so you can easily share your business information to your business customers and also Increase your chance for Good ranking.

Build Your Business Citations [submit your business information to other websites]

Citations is one of the main raking factor of Google My Business because your business listing 23% ranking depend on your business citations.

You don’t know what is citations and how can you increase it?

Don’t worry I am giving your all citations information here.

Citations means your business information is available on another business such as NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number and Website URL).

This information informs Google about your business location, you know very well Google always show result based on searcher location.

Citations called as a Location authority, so don’t be confused in both.

Implements in your Google My Business Account based on Insight Report

Insight is main part of Google My Business, and without insight you can’t rank higher on Maps because in Insight part you will get all types of report of your Google My Business Listings.

Lots of business owners make these types of mistake, they submit their business in Google Map Business after then they forget about it, they never open their listing.

You don’t make these types of mistakes.

If you want to increase your sale double and triple time in a while, then you have to optimize your business insight and change based on those reports.

Delete Negative Reviews

Reviews can increase your ranking and also reviews can decrease your ranking too.

No one likes negative reviews on their business because negative review decrease Google My Business and also those reviews are damage your business reputation in market.

If you have negative reviews more than positive reviews on your listing, this is very bad news for your business because those negative reviews are hurts on your sales and income that’s why you should delete those reviews from your listing.

You don’t know how to delete negative reviews, don’t worry I tell you.

First of all flag out those reviews you want to delete.

After then talk with Google My Business support team.

Google Support team, check those reviews and then automatically they will delete those reviews.

This is simple strategy to increase your ranking in Google Map, if you want to more know about Google Map Business Optimization and ranking factor then go and check it out blog.

They recently publish in-depth article on Google My Business Guide you will get A to Z and Z to A all information about Google My Business In that article.