5 Key Benefits of Using Google Featured Snippets

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5 Key Benefits of Using Google Featured Snippets

#1. Higher ranking Place on SERPs

The search engines should find the most relevant results for the users. Google Featured snippets help the search engine to relate content to a search, and provide search engine crawlers with a Google Featured set of information about specific content in a day. The snippets indicate the preview of the information that contains a link so that the user receives a search result that exactly matches the search criteria.

#2. Better click through rates

The Google Featured snippets ensure that the user previews the content on the page before clicking the link. This helps to increase the click rates. Using Google Featured snippets, users can easily decide if a page contains the information they are looking for or not. Because the results with Google Featured snippets contain more information, users are tempted to click on them. This can be illustrated by an example considering a SERP for Nikon Camera Review. The sites that would use Micro format or Schema.org to set ratings or star ratings in their award have star ratings on search engine results. The click through rates of these pages tend to be higher than other pages that do not use Google Featured snippets.

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#3. Better marketing opportunities

Google Featured snippets help you find products or services that you offer on your site. In the search results themselves, you can present your unique value or product value. You can also present the prices or stock information directly in the search results. The Google Featured snippets are used to attract visitors to the site and gain a competitive advantage.

#4. More qualified leads

The users who visit your websites would already have known the price, the availability and their rating through extensive excerpts. This means that users are well informed and have made an informed choice when visiting your website. This means that real buyers visit your website.

#5. More credibility

Adding reviews to your site or getting reviews for your website in Google Featured snippets will increase the credibility of your site. Users want to visit a website that has a large number of ratings to make an informed decision. Web pages displaying Google Featured snippets on search engine results pages gain more user trust than other sites.

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